Welcome to the SAAMHA (formerly TAMHA) Website

The Tucson Artists and Musicians Healthcare Alliance (TAMHA) is now The Southern Arizona Artists and Musicians Healthcare Alliance (SAAMHA).  We are an alliance of artists and art advocates dedicated to the sustainability and vitality of our arts community.

Many creative professionals, musicians and artists are self-employed (without employer provided insurance) and/or work part time jobs that don’t provide healthcare options. SAAMHA provides Tucson artists with local accessible healthcare resources, our goal is too insure that our local creative community and SAAMHA members have access to the healthcare resources they need. We do this by offering an Emergency Relief Program to SAAMHA members. This program provides up to a $ 1000.00 stipend to cover the cost of emergency medical needs. The funds for the program are raised through annual fundraisers and or private donations.

SAAMHA  offers lifetime membership to professional artists and musicians living in Southern Arizona. All you have to do is fill out the membership form. Membership form and Emergency Relief application for more details.